Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I came across this today...

Looks rad..its from 1989

01 Cutty Ranks - Culture Fi Lick 03:17
02 Cutty Ranks - Gun Man Lyricks 04:16
03 Reggie Stepper - If You Want to Leave 03:46
04 Reggie Stepper - His Commanding Wife 03:47
05 Reggie Stepper - Cu Oonuh 03:36
06 Capleton - Punny Wid Gum 03:21
07 Capleton - Magnet 03:27
08 Capleton - Dollar Run the Cut 03:31
09 Capleton - Skin Out Pon Head 03:37
10 Cutty Ranks - Fishman Lyrics 03:11
11 Cutty Ranks - Out of Hand 03:30

Monday, February 2, 2009

MENSA - Social Experiment

The homeboy Mensa has a new night down in Toronto..

It's called Social Experiment..

He put together this mix and the tracklist looks nice..

plus..he's a rudebwoyyyyyy on the mic so I thought i'd give him some love ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Neptunes present Super Cat

I know this isn't new..
I also know that Super Cat was suppose to come out with a new record on Star Trak..I boy gave me his hard drive and I found this on there...
I thought I would share ...just in case anyone missed it..

It's a mix of Super Cat tunes, with a few remixes and such